How many people survive Covid? The vast majority of those who catch it do. In fact (taken from yesterday’s figures) it is 99.6% of those who catch it. The other stat given is that 0.4% of those infected are in serious or critical condition. This does not include death (which is clearly lower) and these statistics are on the Global scale. We also know that the most at risk are the elderly or people with serious underlying health conditions. One has to ask, then why did we have to shut everything down, close our borders, and cause so much hardship, impose so many harsh restrictions and force feed the public with fear?

I keep going back to the UK governments’ 2011/2015 Pandemic strategy plan, where it stated very clearly that it should be business as usual, mass gatherings should not be cancelled as this would give the public boosts of morale, shutting the border in any pandemic was not in their remit, masks were considered ineffective for public use, The vital importance of not destroying the economy through such times and identifying those who need to be sheltered from a disease with targeted support to those areas of need. They produced a scientific study to support that document, based on previous pandemics. Did the country ever close down during those? NO

We have had four Pandemics since the famous one is 1918, and seven debatable Pandemic threats, so, the document put together by the government would have been based on previous evidence of those, and I want to know why they didn’t follow it.

In 1918 it was an Avian flu, that targeted young adults. It wiped out an estimated 50 million people globally. It was noted that secondary bacterial infections of the lung became a common denominator in that figure, with the public use of masks being hinted at as the cause of a secondary rise in those infections. We have to remember that this pandemic occurred toward the end of the First World War and at a time when food and medicines were in short supply, combined with lower quality and health standards of life compared to what we have now. Communications between the leaders and the public were not delivered in the way they are today.

In 1957 and in 1968 there were two more Avian flu pandemics, the second caused high mortality in the elderly, pregnant women and patients with Chronic heart and lung conditions. The second wave of infection was more severe in Europe.

Between those years leading up to the swine flu in 2009 there were many other pandemic threats, more commonly Avian based, but never reached critical level. The Swine flu came and went and we still didn’t shut the country or the world down for that. In fact my memory of it is very sketchy and I most certainly was not worried about that one. This one had a general mortality in the population with higher rates in children, pregnant women and those who were immunosuppressed or with neurological conditions.

If you average the ones that became pandemics and combine them with the Pandemic threats, we can expect one to occur roughly every 10 years. And for sure the Government set up a strategy as we always knew we were due another.

But with our more advanced scientific expertise, knowledge and discovery of more drugs, and endless wads of cash that our government has thrown at big pharma, track and trace apps, PCR tests, Lateral Flow kits and propaganda advertising, why have they gone down the route of completely decimating our economy, shutting our borders and forcing people into being imprisoned in their homes? Why do they seem so intent on causing so much misery, worry and psychological tyranny and abandoning an already prepared route through this? The vast majority of those who have already caught this virus in just over a year have mild or few symptoms, yet we are treating it as something akin to Ebola or even a Zombie plague.

I by no means down play those poor souls who have experienced incredible pain and suffering who have succumbed to Covid, it is a tragedy and loss of life, taken when too early from a virus is needless. But the cost to billions of lives is going to have a far wider impact than the minority who sadly don’t survive. There was never a cost/benefit analysis produced/offered to the public. There has been no discussion with us on how we want to tackle this pandemic ourselves. We have simply been ordered to put our entire lives on hold until the miracle of a vaccine will allow us to return to it. We were forced to give up our businesses, forced into unemployment, forced to home school our kids, forced to suck it up and wait for Mr Potato in a wig to tell us we can all come out from under the sofa. Am I angry? I am FUCKING FURIOUS!

And I am as mad as hell this morning as I woke up to the news. We now have another new strain and are warned that this could yet again impede our return to having a life. It was leaked early and a plan will be told to us later in the month and to expect a slow opening in five phases at four week increments. Schools first earmarked for the month of March. Ohhh and we can have holidays from April (does that mean I will be able to get back home to my island)? Pubs and restaurants MIGHT open in May, but the best news is that by July EVERYONE in the country will have been Vaccinated!

And I will be writing about the subject of Vaccines this afternoon, because not only have the Government totally gone over board with the restrictions during this pandemic, they have now become focussed on blackmailing us with an experimental drug. Our country is being led by nothing more than a bunch of sociopathic fuckwits and this is getting very dangerous indeed.