I’ve been on Twitter and someone posted the above title….it got 19 retweets, 106 likes and 264 comments, some of which I thought I would share here. I don’t feel alone when I see that I am not the only one who feels that mandating this is utterly wrong. I don’t feel alone in feeling that to have this shot is potentially dangerous or alone when I struggle to believe that we have got to this dreadful point of being coerced/blackmailed and in some cases forced into getting it.

Here are some of the replies to that tweet:

‘I have a fully functioning immune system and brain’

‘Because the nurse who offered it could not answer 2 questions. What’s in it and what’s the long term effects on people.’

‘…It’s not a vaccine. It is experimental gene therapy that was allowed under emergency use, despite the animals dying in the initial trials.’

‘Most people don’t know about the animal trials, 100% fatal.’

‘1) I don’t need it

2) It won’t stop spread

3) It harms, better to have natural immunity

4)Severe short term side effects

5) Unknown longterm side effects

6) I don’t like medical tyranny

7) I don’t like restriction passports

8) I believe in human rights ‘

‘I refuse to facilitate medical apartheid’

‘The risk of my dying from Covid, considering my health, available therapeutics and my age is known. The risk of side effects occurring over the long/short terms from the so called vaccines are unknown. It’s not about trusting the science, its about trusting the math. I’ll pass.’

‘The first one gave me a blood clot!’

‘ I have seen too many people suffering after it, my uncle died two weeks after getting it but it was just a ‘coincidence’!?!’

‘No matter how many rules and regulations I ignore, I just can’t catch Covid!’

‘I have not nor will I ever consent to be a jab-rat for Big Pharma in a world wide experimental mRNA gene editing leaky vaccine rollout that has no proven health benefits. I trust my natural immune system, its been good enough so far!’

‘I own my body. I decide what I willingly subject it to.’

‘The risk of damage from the vaccine is greater than the risk of Covid.’

‘Because silenced experts and doctors warned against it.’

‘I dont need it. I have every right to decline medication I don’t need.’

‘…because where there’s a risk, there should be a choice. The risk is huge here. And I choose NO!’

‘I have declined and will continue to decline and the reason is no ones fucking business.’

‘Its’ not FDA approved and I don’t need a vaccine for a virus that is less than 1% fatal.’

‘There’s nothing to be vaccinated against.’

‘Graphene Oxide isn’t welcome in my blood.’

‘It’s no ones business. People don’t need to justify anything. It’s really quite simple.’

‘Because healthy people of any age do not need one.’

‘I am more scared of the jab than I am of Covid.’

‘My freedom is not for sale.’

‘I am a spark of divinity, not a piece of lab meat.’

‘I did my research. You can always tell who did their research too – they are the unvaxxed.’

‘My body, My choice.’

I just picked a few of them, as I cannot copy all 264, but there is a wide consensus of mistrust of the lack of knowledge over the long term effects, given the growing number of reported adverse reactions already since the jabs were rolled out. Everyone who has participated so far is the study, and the long term effects will unfold as time rolls on. I really don’t want to be a part of that study as I am happy with my life and how I am in control of it. I am in charge of my own health and I do not need anyone else to dictate to me, an enforcement of having something put into my body that has no guarantees and could possibly compromise my health from what it is now. I would rather catch Covid, and have a natural immunity. However, when one looks at the stats and then I look back at the last 18 months of my jolly jaunts in the middle of a so called pandemic, I really am not worried about catching it! I am, at the moment in a fortunate position to be self employed, so no company can dictate to me about the vaccine with the threat of losing my job. But with what I do in the travel industry, could soon be mandated in my field of business to become jabbed. And that, then creates a problem.

I will not be blackmailed…because this is exactly what is happening to so many people. I am a prepper, so always looking ahead and formulating back up plans. If the ‘passport’ comes to Madeira, then I will simply not participate in society that will shut me out. I am a prepper, so already have that covered. The UK is looking more and more likely to implement the passport socially by December 21st, so which will be the lesser of two evils? The only problem there on in, is travelling. Because it is moving toward a universal mandate of no jab, no flying. This presents another blackmail opportunity for ‘them’ as there are so many like me, separated from family by distance.

I cannot wrap my head around how many governments around the world are making an experimental set of vaccines to be mandatory, so soon and without long term data to back up safety and efficacy. And more importantly get around the LAW. There is no conversation at all, about government giving out guidelines to companies to impose vaccinations to be a condition of work and a vaccine injury clause or place to claim, should one be harmed by submitting to this new dystopian condition to continue in employment. We already know Big Pharma has been given a liability exemption and cannot be held accountable EVER for any harm these new experimental products may cause. And in the UK, a compensation if harmed, means the victim needs to categorically prove they were vaccine damaged to receive a paltry one off payment, which undoubtedly wouldn’t even cut it, if it was a life long injury. And the onus is on the victim to prove it…we are already seeing denial in the medical profession on clear cut cases of vaccine injuries already…no one wants to take responsibility in deciding the cause or putting their head above the parapet and signing their name to it.

We are in a massive mess, and it seems that anyone who is right in the middle of it, who can see the absolute WRONG in everything, won’t stand up and speak out. But then, is it any wonder, as examples were made of very prominent experts right at the beginning of this, who did speak out, screamed the warnings and were censored, vilified and tarred.

Being ‘awake’ is not a pleasant place to be. I don’t sit here and look at the stuff that is going on in the world, having seen it coming since the beginning, getting all smug with a ‘told you so’ because I was dubbed as a conspiracy theorist tin foil hat wearer. On the contrary, I am an empath and I find it hard to deal with the pain that is so strong emanating with ferocity in our global existance. I feel utterly useless not being in a position to stand up and scream and shout and make changes that would help those who are suffering because of the shit that has been caused.

I am frustrated by those who feel vindicated, they did their bit for humanity by getting jabbed and wearing their masks. And then get angry at me, for being an idiot and call me selfish, because I won’t participate in this new cultish behaviour of ‘doing my bit to protect everybody else’ by not entering the program of the suicide vaccine mandate, that somehow I am risking every one elses health, even though they are now supposedly protected…but they know they aren’t. It is so fucking illogical…did the vaccine fry their brains of logic, reasoning, self awareness, self love and ethical reasoning? It’s like we now have an army of vaccinated narcissists. I’m not, so I am now the problem and they are now the victims. And the pressure from them is to make ME doubt MYSELF.

But, I did my research and I don’t stop, and that is because every day I do DOUBT myself. I ask myself if my beliefs in what is going on in the world are wrong, misguided,…. have I gone mad? Is the government right? Should I take the shot?

And then I fall back into reality, because my GUT screams, when I get those doubts and my gut is usually not wrong.

I do get angry at those who now think I am totally loopy and belong in a mental institution because I don’t identify with their brainwashed mandated thought process of virus, means vaccine, means getting their life back, when in my on going research, I don’t see it in the same format. they don’t see what I look at, as they are content with the propaganda they have subjected themselves to. And are happy to get their research and NLP narrative from a one pointed view spewed out on MSM. They repeat it verbatim, and will not listen to any alternative, and when they can’t argue something that is sensible – always go into attack mode and find that personal sweet spot to throw you off balance. They don’t see what I do.

And today I watched a collection of programs about vaccine babies. The already vaxxed don’t watch them, because it would burst that comfort bubble they are happy to exist in. But these babies are the new morphed humans that have come from pregnant mothers being told that the vaccines were safe. Some were fortunate to bring their pregnancy to term, whilst the vast majority didn’t. But that doesn’t get spoken about in MSM as the push for pregnant mothers to get it is getting even more brutal. There are babies that are born with teeth or extra limbs. Can hold their heads up by day one or are covered in hair that is extremely abnormal. Then there were the babies that couldn’t stop shaking….the heartbreak of any parent/mother having to go through this…. But, and I repeat.. we don’t see this on MSM.

It is an obsession to look at what’s going on. I know I have that obsession. But then is that a bad thing, when our world has suddenly become completely unsettled, shaken up from everything that was comfortable by something that potentially threatened our very existence on this planet? That out the blue, a virus came about, because scientists can’t stop playing around with stuff that is very dangerous….and then it suddenly escaped from a lab?

And then my attention is suddenly diverted to a pandemic paper that was written in 2017 and published on the John Hopkins website, called ‘Spars Pandemic 2025’. It mirrors so much of the now, that it begs the questions. Did the authors have a crystal ball? Or are they innately good at predicting social and economic out comes,…….. and vaccine hesitancy??

I don’t know if where we are heading, which is a future I personally don’t want, and its not for me, but I worry for my kids and my grandkids. I used to climb trees and make camps in the woods, make mud pies, get dirty diving into ditches cos it was fun and come home when the street lights came on. My kids were on the cuff of having a phone, that wasn’t smart, my grandchildren now have tablets. When I’m dead and gone, will they be chipped and wi – fied to 5G instead of wearing a watch connected to a phone, like I have now, that even does me an ECG? Will they ever get to play in the woods? Will they ever experience a childhood innocence I experienced?

NO. Because in that one paragraph already I see how the changes have occurred from my childhood, to my children and now to my grandchildren. But one thing that never marred our lives until right now. Was a pandemic (orchestrated or natural) but a Vaccine (that has NEVER been tested on humans before now) became an argument of massive proportions, whereby a government and global mandate was set to bypass human rights and create and ignore so many victims of vaccine damage to make such a thing become a freedom pass to living in society. And it took 19 months to become a new reality.

No wonder the suicide rate has rocketed, mental health has become a pandemic in its own right.

But we can change this. But we need the asleep to wake up and see where this is going.

Because if we want change, then we have to make that change. But, if those who think I am wearing a tin foil hat still, still don’t see what is ahead, might wake up when it’s too late. And then we are fucked.

I am optimistic, but also a realist. And the way I see it, is to continue to prep and look at riding out the storm. It’ll take a couple of years. As governments fall, and no good fractions are up to the task of replacing them right now. We will see a lot of people die off, and I might be one them. But, if humanity wants to survive…..and its very good at that….it will. But if we let the ‘Mr Globals’ of this world continue with their transhuman agenda….that would surely be our doorway to our doom. I would like to think, while I still can (without an electrode, or graphine oxide, or nano shit or any other alien manmade genetic modifying substance injected into MY blood) that we will get through this. Humans have survived for thousands of years with viruses…..and our blood line continues. We do not need scientists, in their eager need to fuck about with our DNA, fucking it up and altering us. So stay strong my pureblood readers.

The last real pandemic supposedly killed 50 million people over two years. That was 100 years ago. There was no vaccine for that. Most died from complications of mask wearing in unsanitary conditions. Yet the human race continued. Why now, do we think this virus with an over 99% survive rate of catching it means death with todays prophylactic treatments. This is overkill and fear porn, come on people…wake up and take back your life!

WE need to stand together. No government has the right to dictate to us…yet you are all allowing them to do so. So you are scared of Covid? If it is meant to be, it’s meant to be…. YOU are in control of your life, no one else. If you are so worried, then wear your mask if you believe that helps and don’t socialise. It’s that simple. But you don’t. You want everyone else to fall down and take something experimental the same as you did….so you can feel safer and justify you going back to life. But you are no better off than I am. But now we have government dividing us, so you don’t have to be in the same space as me…..do you not see how fucked up that actually is?

But that’s ok cos you’ll go for your booster and feel even more protected and abhorrent toward the ones who were double jabbed and now don’t cut the mustard. You are in a trap and will never get out of it….And when you are still alive to take that next booster….ask yourself, will you still be human? More importantly, where are your friends you shunned, that are living off grid, super healthy and having a life that is not controlled? But, reality is if you have your way, because MSM media made you beleive they were a threat to your health….you in fact sentenced your friends to a quarantine camp. This place won’t be turning people into soap or mass extermination. No, these camps will be become farms. `We will be the pureblood that everyone in the future will need, as scientists and the Fauci’s of the now, have so fucked up human life, they will need to keep some of us to save some of you, in your transhuman transition. The vaccine and the damage it is causing is collateral damage to the human species and will continue until they get the science right. Its so ugly that I can’t even believe I wrote it…..!