Today Austria were the latest country to adopt medical apartheid. As of midnight last night, they closed all societal freedoms down to 1/3rd of their population. Having written a Blog about this for the last 19 months, I am still struggling to believe that we are as people going along with this nightmare of illogical rules and mandates. I can’t believe those who are in the Police aren’t walking out, refusing to be any part of this. Below are two links showing what is happening there.

But again, I want to put this into perspective to try and make some sense of this complete lunacy. Australia as most people will know by now have gone full out to get everyone jabbed and take any freedoms away from those who refuse…they have a case rate of somewhere around 7,000 per million, whereas in the UK it’s something in the region of 200,000 per 1 million. Some countries have gone hyperbolic over a threat where there really isn’t one. Problem is, the wave of lunacy follows the others as we have already seen with the lock downs, false promises of getting our lives back, with the goal post being moved constantly.

So to get this into perspective I looked up the World stats this evening:

The stats for this year are:

11,346,706 -Communicable disease deaths

432,324 – Seasonal Flu deaths

6,643,733 -Child deaths under 5’s

1,469.343 -deaths from HIV/AIDS

7,178.559 cancer deaths

937,294 – Suicides

1,179,888 Road traffic fatalities

Deaths from Covid = 5,121,322 but this isn’t for this year, this is total deaths so far.

And also we must note that these deaths are stats including deaths that were tested positive at the time of death even if the death wasn’t the cause. Just this week, a man was shot dead, and it was recorded as a Covid death, because he tested positive. The fact they tested him at all, after getting shot dead with a bullet, just makes it even more rediculous. But it bumps the numbers.

But if you look at my top line of Communicable deaths…that figure is more than double. And Covid is a communicable disease. Yet there were other diseases out there that killed more people this year than Covid did, because that figure is for this year and Covid has been around for now near on two years, that figure reflects that time frame.

So, why are we being restricted over a disease that has 99.98% survival rate and when child deaths, other communicable diseases and cancer trump the number of deaths that Covid has?

The very fact that those who had a ‘vaccine’ for Covid, and still get ill with it and then infect everyone else (at the same level as an infected non vaccinated person can)…are now deemed an elite society and can retain their freedom and are invited to snub those in society who didn’t comply.

As this is now common knowledge, that being vaccinated does not give anyone any protection from catching the virus. They may believe the rhetoric that it keeps them out of hospital, and thats great if it does, but how does that make an unvaccinated person anymore dangerous in society if a vaccinated person has that so called protection of that jab?

Why has Governments around the World, decided that a non vaccinated person is more dangerous to be among society than a vaccinated person is, when now the vaccinated are being told they will not be considered fully vaccinated until they get their booster shot, as the protection wanes and they are then filthy, selfish people, like the pure bloods are.

It is so clear that so many are not happy with this…demonstrations around the world for months now…..millions of people outraged at the injustice of this…and it doesn’t do diddly squat in changing anything. In France, farmers are muck spreading their pig shit over the walls of government buildings, in Italy those who are banned from restaurants set up picnics in the roads outside, there have been marches in London, Sidney, Paris, Rome….all around the world…..the people of this planet are fucking angry and have been telling their governments they do not agree to this. And none of it has worked. None of this is mentioned on the news…no footage is seen unless you look for it….if you have no idea from watching your TV about this, then you are compliant, because you have not been exposed to the other side of this coin.

So why is everyone complying to this nonsense and allowing our governments to inflict hardships on those who decide they would prefer to handle their own health and make a choice with informed consent over that….They already know now that reaching Herd immunity is a fruitless exercise, as the vaccine they believed in has proven to be not so effective in immunisation of the virus. It doesn’t work. Now they have to convince everyone to roll up their sleeves and be pricked again…with no guarantee. A forth and fifth might be the next dictat…to keep the freedom pass from being operable….(THIS IS ALREADY THE PLAN).

But what this boils down to for me is this…..I’ve looked at all the angles in the current global situation, and I’ve done my own risk assessment. I have reached my own conclusion and therefore, I am opting out of the vaccination program. It does not stop me from catching the virus (if I should be unfortunate to statistically come into contact with it and become infected). Statistically I probably won’t encounter the virus given my lack of interaction with people. I’m opting out, as I reacted very dangerously to two previous vaccines that were normal ones. I am opting out, because this is still in trial stage and there are no long term data to support that this actually safe. All the animals in the studies died..all of them, so sorry if you think I am selfish by not having it, but that for me is a why the fuck would I want to be the next lab rat when the animals didn’t make it before me! I am opting out, because the government have not convinced me of a real reason to get it.And I am not selfish. I will not kill anyone else, when I don’t have the virus. I am no more of a risk than anyone else. I will not do something when I am threatened, because that sends the biggest of all alarm bells…I will not participate in something I do not believe in. I Have a brain….and its my right to say NO.


I am a person with my own right to my own version of freedom…no one has the right to tell me what to do with my life, I’m 52 years old FFS. I am now no more a danger to a vaccinated person than a vaccinated person is to another vaccinated person. So when a government wants to strip me of my freedoms and human rights as a free person in this life that we are all in….over a virus that doesn’t even come number one on the list of deadly human demises…..something in this world has gone very wrong.

Now jabbing young kids has taken this to a new level of evil…coupled by the fact that the children’s jab will have an added ingredient in them. A dangerous drug called Tromethamine. This is to stop them from having heart attacks. When did we ever worry about childhood vaccines being seriously dangerous and because this one is, they need to add another drug to ensure it isn’t? Still experimental, under an EUA and now heavily promoted by governments around the world.

I am ranting in this evenings blog, because I cannot beleive that the vast majority of people are not saying no to all of this. Those people in Austria as they have the numbers, should be out there and going about their lives and not complying to the bullshit mandates. If everyone did this, fascism would fail.

Someone sent me a message tonight who read my Blog, who is following the government guidelines and propaganda and called me a ‘troubled soul’. I cant argue with that…I am, because its the people like him who are taking our freedoms from us. And the worst past is they are so brainwashed by all this, they have no idea of the insidious part they play in breaking the human spirit and bringing about the downfall of humanity.

These are the very people that need shock therapy to wake them from their brainwashed antivax biased slumber…because they are the ones that are putting our humanity at risk…they are the ones that advocate the passport, QR codes and the expulsion of a society that are actually standing up for their rights too.