I haven’t been able to write this Blog post as I was part of something where I had to be in incognito for a few days, else a surprise would have been rumbled and a few months of planning would have gone tits up!

I am back in the UK! And I am now staying until January, because on the day I left, our dictator in Madeira announced out of the blue, a set of new restrictions that were designed to wage war against the non compliant unvaccinated portion of that society. He made the announcement the day before I left, and put us all into shock. I was planning an 8 day visit back to the UK to surprise my parents as me and my sisters had organised a surprise party for our parents, a special one off event to celebrate their Ruby anniversary. There are four of us and we are spread around, one lives in North Carolina, and she managed to escape for a week from the States, another lives on the Isle of Wight, my youngest moved back from the States a couple of years ago and was our man on the ground. My daughter came down with her family from Scotland, and my daughter in law played a major role along with my sister to make this party a very special and surprise event.

Having had the news that life in Madeira, was about to take a very drastic change, I was panicking the night before, asking them whether I should get on the flight! I have an exceptional family and am very proud of them all…their response was..YES, get on the plane and we will deal with whatever happens as a family. We did earlier this year when I got stuck for 6 months in the UK…and I am back to that again, couch surfing but most importantly, spending time with my brilliant family!

For me the excitement of getting on a plane and having 8 days with the family again was marred by the sudden direction Madeira was heading into. The morning before my flight, our President had gone on camera telling the residents not to panic as everything was under control, there had been a slight rise in cases. By the evening, he made the announcement that there was to be a meeting and then announcement at 5pm the following day that was to decide the fate of the unvaccinated…suddenly there was a problem with us. I left the following morning, wondering what terrible decisions would be made whilst I was in the air. I seem to have this knack of escaping Madeira’s bullshit just at the right time.

My son collected me from the airport and my Grandchildren were thrilled as they had no idea that I was arriving…I was glued to my phone as the news came in as to what the new rules were to be on the way home. That evening was also taken up with talking to people from back home and being with the family as I had a deluge of messages asking me for my thoughts and advice. I couldn’t post anything on social media or on my Blog as I needed to lay low for a few more days before the party. The party went to plan, my parents were blown away, so many people came and they now have some more happy memories to add to the others. We pulled it off!

Meanwhile, back in Madeira, shock pervaded the island as Alburquerque went on TV and announced the new mandates, rules and tyranny. None of which is legal and the wording on the new mandates have left many very confused. But it was not just a kick in the teeth to the unvaccinated but also to those who complied and got their shots….so in reality being vaccinated is no different to being unvaccinated…and this is what he has decreed:

I left on the Thursday and the new rules were supposed to start from midnight on the Friday, he had to back down and delay it a week, because what he mandated was utterly impossible and threw the island into a mad dash to get vaccinated and tested.

The rules ensured that anyone who wasn’t vaccinated could not enter a bar, restaurant, shop, mall, or even put petrol in their car. everything off limits except a supermarket as long as one had a negative test to enter. Even parts of Funchal would be zoned so that the unvaccinated couldn’t have access.

But for the vaccinated, compliant sheep, the shock was even more damning, as he declared that every resident on the island got mandatory tested once a week….they could only access services WITH a vaccine passport AND a negative test. The funfair arrived at the weekend, and yep you guessed it…fully vexed with proof of a negative test to get on a ride. The Christmas market this year will not be selling food or alcohol and and access is with neg test and passport.

This includes tourists!

Naturally I am pissed…as this twat has just fucked over my business yet again. I had only been back in Madeira for 2 months after being stuck and business was good, because everything seemed to be relaxing. The new rules came out and all but one of my bookings have now cancelled. I have just lost over 6 grand in revenue between now and Christmas…what tourist wants to go on holiday and be held to ransom over going to dinner in a restaurant by showing a health vaccination passport AND a negative test? They cancelled. I now have no reason to return home so promptly, now my business has been fucked over once again. And I am not holding out hope or belief that my flight in early January will materialise now the new very convenient variant has been launched that is designed to take us all for Morons.

And clearly Governments think we are. How convenient a new variant materialises, just before the Christmas Holidays, and at a time where pushing the booster shots are waning as people are now realising that all that was promised some shy of two years ago, has not delivered! People are fed up and at long last questioning the narrative!! They see the bid to sell the unvaccinated a vaccine that clearly doesn’t work whilst they sell the booster to the already vaccinated, telling them that it will now work with a 3rd, 4th, 5th 3 monthly shot….Those Morons now see through the Moronic upsale of the new Omicron strain…so what happens now? Governments across Europe are now mandating forced vaccination next year and talking about huge fines for those who choose, ‘my body, my choice’! If Covid was so fucking deadly..and their vaccine actually inoculated people….we would all be lining up to have it…there would be no waiting till next year to go get your life saving shot! People would be looting……the vaccination centres to get their jabs. There would be chaos…wouldn’t there be?

But Madeira got a shock from its sleepy slumber of a couple of months of tourism and business, sated as it was, but we got some in the midst of this fucked up scenario that has been delivered us. And then over night it all changes because a few 90 year olds with commorbidities died WITH Covid and the numbers started to slightly rise…or that’s what they have us beleive. Austria had just announced, along with Slovakia, Czech Republic and rumbles from Germany of the measures they would be enforcing. Merkal had just put out her mandate for Europe to go full on Mandatory vaccination…it would make sense waging a war against the unvaccinated if we were the cause of all the new infections, they claim there are…when the stats and figures show that the vast majority are the double or triple vaccinated.

Of course none of this makes sense to us, who look at other resources over relying on the mainstream media propaganda for legit news I have to question those who have only had this source of information throughout this entire time how they are not asking questions, because nothing adds up. Surely it can’t by now.

And I really do question if this bloody virus actually exists myself! I have done more travelling over the last two years during this pandemic than I have in the last 10 years. I have flouted the rules, tried to live life as much as normal, hug and kiss people, not worn a mask or social distance….yet I can come back to the UK for a party and catch the ‘super cold’ that everyone has been moaning about. My whole family came down with it, and I wrote off last week because I was poorly with it myself. Yet I flew to the Uk with a negative Covid test, had to take one on day two, day five and day eight (I was also supposed to be self quarantined for the first 10 days of my 8 day trip) but as you can imagine, I said ‘Fuck that’ and went about my business. I did get a call from track and trace on day 2…the woman who rang had an Indian accent and I struggled to understand what she said. She rang me back when I put the phone down on her because I couldn’t be arsed with this…she then went into a diatribe about how she was qualified to talk to me on behalf of the government about my quarantine and that to continue the conversation would I agree to sharing the recorded chat and my data with various entities. I sternly said no way, do I agree to any of my data being shared with any third party, she interjected with a ‘but’ and I reiterated that I did not give consent at all…I got a “thank you, goodbye” and she put the phone down on me. I never heard another word from anybody from track and trace or about the tests or about my 10 day mandatory quarantine. Doesn’t that say something?

Yet I came back to UK and caught the ‘super cold’….its not the Convid…..I did another test as by day 6 I was convinced that this illness absolutely must be what all the fucking fuss is about….I do wonder if what most people get is this.. I am 10 days in and have the sore throat and swollen neck glands again..its unrelenting. Another symptom of this super cold, is the air hunger…trying to breath and not getting the oxygen…difficult to explain as this is the weirdest cold and symptoms I’ve ever had…but the tests say its NoT Covid! My dad had the cough and I couldn’t stop sneezing. Tonight I am irritated by a very sore tongue!

I’ve taken 5 tests, all negative. So I have a cold. To make that statement two years ago would have sounded completely fucking barmy. Where in the world have we got to over a Flu?

Meanwhile in Madeira it is chaos, as pharmacies have to conduct 36,000 tests a day to fulfil the dictators mandate of weekly testing everybody so they can go about their daily lives….tempers are rising as the queues are long, tests are running out and bookings to get one are over a week away. Yet people comply, will put their lives on hold to wait for a test that has been illegally mandated for them to go and shop for food…….this is a reality and I struggle to understand how most just simply go along with it and do as they are told. They are the ones that are giving our freedoms away. We need to help them, to stand up, they need our support…they need to WAKE THE FUCK UP!