my apologies to the person used for this post, but you do represent how I think!

This is probably going to be a rant.

Spurred by the fact that my Niece was being ‘dissed’ on facebook this evening for publishing a Meme about Graphene Oxide. Note: I love the word ‘dissing’,because it to me seems polite and naive and a trashy way to say to someone, “you fuck with her, I fuck with you” language. It may however, have a completely different connotation to the meaning, but this is mine – and I live in bliss for my interpretation!

So, my Niece got dissed. She posted a complicated meme that showed a varying array of methods in which Graphene Oxide could be introduced serupticiously into the human body. It was controversial, only because most would see it as tin foil hat crap, because they have no idea what Graphene Oxide is. They have no idea about it, as they have never looked beyond their nose as to what is going on in the world. This subject on that is something I will cover eventually as I am still researching and until I can conclude a post in its diabolical role…which I think it will have, won’t pass comment right now. BUT this chap whose picture showed that of a young guy who dismissed my nieces post as something as crock had lagging pants and immediately I reacted. Why? Because he couldn’t spell for one thing in his attack to her and his picture of himself with his knickers showing his butt just kinda represented badly the person I was about to interact with.

And he didn’t disappoint.

And changing tack, but with the point in mind. I was invited to a presentation a few weeks ago to do with my holiday rentals. This was to introduce me to a new and flourishing area of business…the digital nomad. These are young, 30 somethings who are in the world of technology, earning their living on the internet and earning good money. Most I have to say, are ‘clean living people’ who embrace Veganism, Yoga, animal volunteering and connect to local; groups that encourage peace and higher consciousness living. And I have encountered many in my business lately and all have been lovely, respectful and responsible guests in my rentals. (they do get a bit of a wake up call when I invite them into my gaff for a few glasses of wine and listen to me waffling on about the injustices of the current situation with Covid….they have no idea where I am coming from because the shit of covid never affected them and their working life!)..

But the point being, this sorry excuse of a young person with his pants fashionably stationed beyond the crack of his butt in his profile picture dissed my Niece……declaring that he would not look at anything and I quote “I don’t really trust any sources, but if I listen to any it will be credible sources not some qanon shit who thinks the government wants to kill them for no reason, that’s ridiculous”

And that is how our young people think… I did respond, as you would expect and he went quiet. The problem is and as I pointed out to him, that as some one who is getting old, we have been exposed to a lot more bullshit and have the ability to call it out when it is bullshit, cos we were young once and didn’t know what real bullshit was. But when you have lived a bit, you get to see and recognise it as you get older and have more guts or courage to call it out when you see it.. But then what I just said contradicts doesn’t it, because there are so many older than me that don’t do what I do. SHEEPLES

But what really made me guffaw was the night a few weeks ago when I was invited to that business meeting as an owner of rental property and being introduced to a new business opportunity.

It was the most unprofessional invitation I had ever received….on line it looked legit and I knew the invite was legit because I knew the company. I took an old friend who has a similar outlook to me, but will say it how it is…we arrived at the hotel, to find the lift was out of order. To get this in perspective, this 5 star hotel is set on a very steep cliff overlooking my village sea front. Its a hike to get to the cliff face before you get into the lift to get to the reception area, with a narrow single track road with no parking if you want to drive there. So the only way to get there is to hike, up a steep ramp embedded in the cliff as the lift had broken down. A person who worked there was also hiking with us and responded with the groan that the lift (one and only method of reaching the place had been out of order since covid hit and no idea why it hadn’t been fixed). When we arrived with hearts leaping out of our chests, we were ushered into the bar area, offered free drinks and nibbles. There were a few people milling around but we had no idea who was organising the function or who were like me, invited to attend.

We had a drink and sat wondering if we had arrived on the right day, thinking we would head to the nearest restaurant for a bite to eat as this do was not doing anything. Just as we were about to walk out, an American fella rounded us up inviting us to a conference room….we had no idea who he was, but decided to follow. It was then that my friend surveyed the room and said to me “fuck me….if we have to go to war now…this is what we’ve got? they…(the men in that room) would be the men that would defend us?”

He had me in hysterics, because I was severely out ranked by men, but most had a prettier pony tail than mine and not one of them had a bulging muscle in sight. They were all sold to me as the next generation, key board warriors that were our future in this digital world and had the money to pay for the luxury of staying in my gaff as long as I had a good internet connection.

And that insanely funny laugh at that point was marred by the inane horror that actually he was right. We have no longer bred stock over the last 30 years of men, real men that can ditch their pitch forks and go fight in a war. We are now asking manicured and pedicured males, that can fire a weapon on a video game which don’t even drink alcohol, have cut wheat and soya from their diets and are more interested in permaculture and being Carbon free. Sadly, I have grilled a few that have already been guests and I have tried to corrupt them with a glass of wine and a chat with me….they don’t drink. How insane is that!!!!

I’m old school. And I am realising that now! I was worrying over the last two years and in my own way fighting for the future of our man kind. For my Grandchildren, so that they could have the freedoms that I have enjoyed. But I don’t see the point now. This fight of inevitable change, that slipped by me because I wasn’t awake, is so entrenched that now we have woken up…it’s too late. There will be an us and them…the youngsters who have grown up in this are not fighting our fight as they don’t see it, and that is where we have been remiss in their upbringing. Those 30 somethings of the new are a strong force…they are the old technocrats that are guiding the future, only they have no idea of the potential doom they are creating…its unstoppable. They balance their world between the computer and nature and have found that balance that enables them to opt in and opt out. Thery the ones to worry about as they see both worlds within their alternate reality as they have the ability to switch. And hence the dawn of the shift between humans and digitals…we have a carbon form advocating for both.

As a carbon form they are no good for an old fashioned war….they are the new breed that when it comes to it will fight from a computer screen. And they won’t realise they are doing it as they wash away their very sin by being good citizens embracing a healthy life style and raising money for their local dog shelter.

That man who dissed my niece this evening isn’t on par with the nomad society. But I put them all into that same basket. Young, naive and don’t care ….as long as the internet works they have a life.

I hope the internet breaks down and very fucking soon!